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Pond Dam Piping

Syphon System

Spillway Syphon SystemNotes for the Spillway-Syphon Systems

  1. SPILLWAY-SIPHON SYSTEM serves as a deep-water release, removing stale water and increasing oxygen at deeper levels for fish production.When water level rises to emergency spillway level, air is expelled from the system starting full pipe flow. As water level drops to open the vent, the siphon stops, and normal flow resumes.Outflow varies as water level in the pond drops during draining. When the difference between the water level and the outflow pipe reaches about two feet, flow may stop. Therefore, extend the outflow to a point four feet lower than the intake screen. To drain pond:
    (a) Close the vent
    (b) Cap the outflow pipe
    (c) Attach a vacuum pump to vent pipe
    (d) Pump out air and remove outflow cap when pipe is full of water. For frequent draining, valves should replace cap. Maximum recommended depth to siphon should not exceed 20 feet.
  2. Each pond has its own special features that may change the requirements of the pipe size listed as "recommended" in our catalog. The soil conservation service should be consulted to verify and determine proper piping needs for your pond.